Great Tasting Deli

Organic Plant Protein

Green Slice is a delicious organic plant-based and soy-free lunch meat alternative. Powered by organic & non-gmo vegetables, grains and herbs, Green Slice is the healthy way to add protein and wholesome flavors to your diet. Green Slice is perfect for sandwiches, appetizers, salads, wraps, breakfast scrambles, straight out of the pack, and great in kid's lunches.

meat free - plant based - organic - non gmo - soy free

“When I first saw Green Slice I could tell it was a high quality product just based on how the deli looked.  Once I tried the slices I was impressed by their natural tasting flavors." ​ - Caroline B. -

"Green Slice is so much more appetizing and tasty than other deli meat substitutes and it's soy-free!  I’ll be getting more."
- Jeff W.-

Great Tasting


Plant- Based

Deli Slices

Green Slice is made in Belgium from organically grown vegetables, herbs and grains at a family-owned facility that exclusively produces vegetarian foods, and is committed to an environmentally sustainable business since 1998. Green Slice is Certified Organic by the European Union.